2015-02-12 Today i mated Vác-Vágvölgyi Janna with SG4 Marlo v Baccara
2014-09-06 TOP TOP NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014 BZS NÜRNBERG JHKL MALE SG 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vác-Vágvölgyi JENKY...
2014-01-03 Today mated Vác-Vágvölgyi Janna with Sg2 junior vicesieger Risco vom Suentelstein
2013-12-15 Today mated VA 2013 BSZSO Pares Blue-Iris IPO2,SCH3 Kkl 1 and Vác-Vágvölgyi Diva ipo1,kk1/a
2013-10-20 Today born Kanto v Karl may Höhe and Vác-Vágvölgyi Clio puppys 2 males and 2 females
2013-09-10 NEW stud male my kennel!!!!!!! One of the best VA Chacco ' son!!!
V1 Team Bulle Hof Kortes !!!
2013-01-19 We was open show in Velence judge: Luigi Brighi ITA
my results:
baby class 9-12 months old: Vác-Vágvölgyi DIVA VV1
junior female18-24 months old: Vác-Vágvölgyi WENDY SG2
working female: Ellynor v Pallander Hof V1+best female
2013-01-08 Today born puppys Vác-Vágvölgyi CLIO and SG5 Schumann von Tronje!!!
2012-11-21 Today born puppys from V Luca von der Wilhelmswarte and Vác-Vágvölgyi ENY 3 females and 2 males
2012-11-06 today mated Vác-Vágvölgyi CLIO with SG5 Schumann von Tronje!!!
2012-09-23 Today mated Vác-Vágvölgyi ENY with V Luca von der Wilhelmswarte !!!
2012-09-22 we was slovakia siegershow and my results judge: thorsten Kopp SV!!

baby class female: Vác-Vágvölgyi Diva :VV2
Junior male: Vác-Vágvölgyi Wolvo SG3
working female: Ellynor Paullander Hof : VA4
2012-09-14 TODAY Born the puppys VA ,SG 2 BSZS 2011 JKR Yankee vom Feuermelder and vác-vágvölgyi JANNA!!!!
2012-07-14 Today I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi Janna with SG 2 BSZS 2011 JKR Yankee vom Feuermelder (SG1 LGZS)!!!!!
2012-06-10 Today born Ypsilon and Oma puppy 1 male!!
2012-05-26 we was a big club show and Vác-Vágvölgyi WENDY SG1 judge: Thomas Teubert SV!!!
2012-05-25 Ixus zur Worringer Reinau and Vác-Vágvölgyi CLIO puppys born 8 males and 3 females!!!!!
2012-05-19 We was a show judge was Joachim Stiegler SV
my results: Vác-Vágvölgyi WENDY: SG1
Vác-Vágvölgyi WOLVO: SG1
Vác-Vágvölgyi HASSAN : V1
2012-04-21 We was big show . Vác-Vágvölgyi WOLVO : Sg1 judge/ Wilhelm Nordsieck SV
2012-04-10 Today i mated again my female vác-Vágvölgyi OMA with V1 / SG 2 BSZS '10 Ypsilon vom Lärchenhain
2012-03-30 Today I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi Clio with SG5 Ixus zur Worringer-Rheinaue !!!
2012-03-14 Today we maked new pictures from Bexter and Baccardi
2012-01-23 Today born puppys from Isko and Janna!!!
4 females born
2012-01-23 Today maked pictures from Vác-Vágvölgyi Baccardi and Vác-Vágvölgyi Bexter
2011-09-23 2011.09.22 born puppys Milly v Godalis and V1,SG15 BSZS 2010 Enosch Von Amasis!!! 5 females and 2 males
2011-07-23 Today i mated my female Milly v Godalis with V1,SG15 BSZS 2010 Enosch Von Amasis!!!
2011-03-22 Today borned Percy vom Streek sch3,Kk1a/ and Vác-Vágvölgyi OMA SVV1,kk1/a puppys, 6 males and 3 females!!!!!
2011-01-21 Vác-Vágvölgyi CLIO's puppys were born today from Wegas v Fichtenschalg, 4 males and 4 females!!
2011-01-21 Today i mated Vác-Vágvölgyi OMa with Percy vom Streek
2011-01-17 Today were born puppys from VA10 Sultan v d Jahnhöhe and Vác-Vágvölgyi ENY.
5 males and 4 females!!!
2010-11-20 Today i mated my female Vác-Vágvölgyi CLIO with V (SHZS 09 JHKL SG3) Wegas vom Fichtenschlag
2010-11-19 Today i mated my female Vác-Vágvölgyi ENY with VA10 BSZS 2010 Sultan von der Jahnhohe
2010-10-13 Today arrived new pictures from VA1 Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
Judge: male: Hans.P. Rieker SV females: E.Bösl SV

baby class male 6-9 monts: BABY Sieger 2010 UNZO v Streek !!!

Jugend class male/12-18 months/: ViceSieger SG2 Vác-Vágvölgyi MEX

Jugend class male/12-18 months/:SG3 Vác-Vágvölgyi JABA

Working Class male: VA1 SIEGER 2010 Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
Progency Group WINNER: Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
Best Bitework:Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
Best Hungarian dog on Show: Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON

Breeding group 2 places: VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI /winner was Leithawald/
2010-06-22 Today born puppys frpm Tyson v Köttersbusch and Cena z Lintichu 3 males and 2 females
2010-06-05 We was a big dog show on Pécs judge was Joachim Stiegler /SV/.There are my results:

Baby male/6-9months/: Vác-Vágvölgyi MEX: VVS1
Baby young female/9-12months/:Vác-Vágvölgyi Jana: VV1
young male/12-18 months/:Vác-Vágvölgyi HASSAN:SG3
Young female/18-24 months/:Vác-Vágvölgyi CITA:SG1
Working male:Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON:V1+best male on show!!!

2010-04-21 TODAY I MATED my felame CENA z LINTICHU with Tyson vom Köttersbusch!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-10 I mated my female Kuckoszeli LESTER/IROK v Karanberg/ with 2009 JUNIOR SIEGER SULTAN v d JAHNHÖHE!!!!!
2009-10-10 We was a dogshow on PÉCS and we has got top results:

mini baby class female: Vác-Vágvölgyi IZZY : VVS1
baby young class female: Vác-Vágvölgyi GELO: VV2
baby young class male: Vác-Vágvölgyi ELOY:VV2
young class female: Vác-Vágvölgyi CANDY: SG2
Yunior male: Vác-Vágvölgyi ZOLO :SG2
Working class male: Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON : V1+best male on show+best dog on show!!!!!!!

2009-09-09 Today was born the puppys from DAX v Intercanine and Hexe v Haus Wendl 2 males and 6 females!!
2009-08-13 Today was born KWANTUm v KLOSTERMOR and VAC-VÁGVÖLGYI NORDA Puppies , 3 females and 2 males!!!
2009-07-12 Today I mated Hexe v Haus Wndl with SG 6 JKLR BSZS'08 Dax de Intercanina!!
2009-06-23 Today was born VA4ILBO and OMA puppies, 5 females and 2 males.
2009-06-17 Today We mated VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI OMO with VA10 GODALIS TINO!!
2009-06-09 I mated my female VAC-VAGVÖLGYI NORDA with V2 KWANTUM v KLOSTERMOR!!!
2009-04-27 Today I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi OMA with VA4 ILBO v holkamper See
2009-04-11 I was a big dog show to Mateszalka judge was Mr. Gloke SV
I have got very good results:

mini baby female: Vác-Vágvölgyi FIGI:VV2
baby female/6-9 months/: Vác-Vágvölgyi CANDY:VV1
Junior male/12-18months/:Vác-Vágvölgyi ZOLO:SG2
Junior male/18-24 months /:Vác-Vágvölgyi UMBRO:SG3
Open class female:Vác-Vágvölgyi BRANDY:V1

2009-04-09 OMAR v Haus Wendl new owner MR.Jani Uday and Mr. Reiner Gunst!!!
2009-02-01 Today I was to mated my female Vác-Vágvölgyi EMIL with V11 Digger v Elzmundugsraum
2009-01-22 Today was born VA YUKON v d Bastilie and Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO puppies, they are 4 males!!!
2008-12-31 Today was born the puppies from VA Ingodds AGASSI and Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA!! 3 males and 2 feamles!!
2008-11-21 Today I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO with VA7 Yukon v Bastilie!
2008-11-02 I was to mated Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA with VA5 Ingodds AGASSI!!!
2008-09-27 We was in a big dog show in Romania judge was Albrecht Worner SV.We has got very good results!!!!

Mini baby FEMALE :Kuckoszeli Vanta:VV5
Baby female:VV1 Kuckoszeli Shakira
Baby male:VV1 Vác-Vágvölgyi ZOLO
Joung baby female:VV1 Kuckoszeli QUAMA
Joung baby male:VV1 Vác-Vágvölgyi UMBRO
Junior Male: SG1 Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
Junior female:SG2 Kuckoszeli Natasha
Working female: V1 Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO
Working male:V3 Fanto v Haus Wendl
Breeding GROUP 1 places!!VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI
2008-09-21 Today i was in a dog show in Kalocsa/H/ .Judge was Peter FIRIC.
my results:
Vác-Vágvölgyi UMBRO: VV1 Young babby class/9-12 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi Tyson:SG1+best of Show: Young Class /12-18 months/
2008-09-17 Today sent MRS.E.V.A new photos from Vác-Vágvölgyi YNKA.
2008-09-12 Today Was born Vác-Vágvölgyi OMA and Roy Terra Luppie Puppies!!!
2008-08-09 Today sent MR Magicon new pictures from FANTO v Haus Wendl and Vác-Vágvölgyi Tyson and Vác-Vágvölgyi OMA and Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO.
2008-07-21 Today was born the Yerom v Haus Salihin and Zaysa v Hannoverenhof puppies!!!
2008-07-10 I was to mating VAC-Vagvölgyi OMA with Roy Terra Luppie
2008-06-14 Today I was a big dog show in Gara. Judge was Hans Petter FETTEN SV!! My results:

Mini baby female: Vác-Vágvölgyi Ynka VV3
Baby male: Vác-Vágvölgyi Umbro VV2
Junior male: Vác-Vágvölgyi Tyson SG1+BEST OF SHOW!!!

2008-06-10 Today I mated Ujpesti Farkas Xara with Conzul v Rittenberg!!!
2008-05-24 TODAY I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO with IROK v Karanberg and Zasya v Hannoverenhof with YEROM v haus Salihin!!!
2008-04-27 I was in a big dog show in SLOVAKIA , the judge was : Winfried Scheld SV.

Baby class female: VV1 Winner Kuckoszeli LESTER.
Joung class male: SG1 Winner Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON
2008-04-25 TODAY I mated Vác-Vágvölgyi HAWAI from 2006 junior word Champion IROK v KARANBERG!!!
2008-02-23 Today I was 2008 first big dog show in Kiskunhalas. Judge was MR. IVAN KOCAJDA/ My results:

Kuckoszeli LESTER:Baby female:VV2
Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON: junior baby/9-12months/: VV1
Kuckoszeli Fanta:Junior female/12-18 months/:SG2
Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA:Junior female/18-24 months/:SG2
Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO: working class female :V1
Vác-Vágvölgyi OLGA:working class feamleV3
BREEDING GROUP was 2. places!!
2007-10-29 Today I was in a big dog show.JUDGE: ERNST SEIFERT SV
my results:
Kuckoszeli LONDON/Irok v Karanberg-Kuckoszeli Trixi/ VV1:Mini baby class male/3-6 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi TYSON/Douglas aus wattenscheid-Vác-Vágvölgyi OLGA/ VV1:Baby class male/6-9 months/
Kuckoszeli FANTA/Yimi v contra-Kuckoszeli Trixi/ VV1:baby class female/6-9 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA/Ken v Elzmundugsraum-Kuckoszeli Orsi/ SG2:junior female/12-18 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi HILTON/Hill v Farbenspiel-Kuckoszeli Trixi/ SG3 junior male/18-24months/
FANTO v Haus Wendl/Zamp v Thermodos-Landarina Haus Wendl/ SG1/18-24 months/

Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO/Pancho v Rangauhöhe-Remus Celli/ V1+best of show /working female/

2007-09-29 We was in a big dog show, and we has got very good show results.
JUDGE: Winifred Scheld SV
VV1 Baby class male: VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI TYSON
VV1 Baby class female:KUCKOSZELI FANTA
SG2 Juniorclass/12-18 months/ female: VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI NORDA
SG2 Junior class/18-24 months/ female:VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI KHINA
SG1 Junior class male/18-24 months/: FANTO v HAUS WENDL
V1 working class female: VÁC-VÁGVÖLGYI OMO
2007-09-02 I was to Mating Vác-Vágvölgyi Nuki with FELIX v Allemania
2007-05-25 Today was born IROK v KARANBERG and Kuckoszeli Trixi Puppies/2 male and 1 female/
2007-05-12 I was in the dog show in ARAD.Judge: Hans Peter Knaul SV. This is the my results:
Kuckoszeli Grammy /6-9 months/: VV1
Vác-Vágvölgyi Norda/9-12 months/: VV2
Fanto Haus Wendl/12-18 months/ :SG2
Sammy v Scanclache/18-24 months/:SG3
Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO: working class female:V1
2007-04-21 I was on HUNGARIAN CLUB SHOW /judge: Karl Heinz Zygadto SV/ and my results:
Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA VV1 baby class winner 1.
Vác-Vágvölgyi LUIZ VV3 junior class/9-12 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi KHINA SG5 /12-18 months/
Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO V2/working class females/

Vác-Vágvölgyi TEAM 2 places in "Breading group"
2007-03-24 Today Vác-Vágvölgyi NORDA was first place in baby class on Tarnamera/judge: Juraj Staudinger/
2007-03-21 Today I was mating Kuckoszeli Trixi with 2006 Junior Word Champion Male IROK v KARANBERG!!!
2007-03-06 Today was born the puppies from Vác-Vágvölgyi OLGA and Dauglas aus Wattenscheid/5 male and 1 feamle/
2007-03-03 I buy a VA1 Zamp v Thermodos male and female in Germany!!
His name is FANTO vom Haus Wendl and FLOH vom Haus Wendl.
they are beatiful and very good dogs!! FANTO will my new stud dog!!
2007-02-09 New owner is Vác-Vágvölgyi MELONE: Robert Szabo in Tennnesse/USA/.I congratulation to you!
My Partner Kennel in USA a www.vonklaus-fedorshepherds.com
Patricia Malone-Tata, Breeder
Von Klaus-Fedor Shepherds, Inc.
2006-12-31 I was mating my best female Vác-Vágvölgyi OLGA with Dauglas aus Wattenscheid/VA1 Zamp v Thermodos/
2006-11-21 Today Jimi v Contra and Kuckoszeli Trixi 's puppies was born./2 females/
2006-11-10 Today sent MAGICON new pictutre from Vác-Vágvölgyi HILTON
2006-10-29 Vác-Vágvölgyi HILTON was in puppies class/9-12 months/ 2. places/judge: Leonard SCHWEIKERT SV/ on ROMANIA "SIEGERSHOW"
Vác-Vágvölgyi LUIZ was in Mini Baby class/6-9 months/ 3. places/judge:Leonard Schweikert/ on ROMANIA "SIGERSHOW"
2006-10-21 I was to mating Vác-Vágvölgyi OMO with CITO HAUS PORTOFINO Sch2 ,kkl/1a, SG1+Junior "SIEGER" AUSTRIA BZS/judge/Hans.J DUX/, Oberhausen SG6,